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03-05-2011 jay Haze enterview

With Jay Haze - American techno producer, who had lived for long in Berlin, I met three years ago in Moscow, at "Roof of the World ", on Halloween. Then I found him strange: my English didn’t allow me to understand what he said, so i answered all the questions with a  "yes".... he looked at me very suspiciously... By the way, Jay was the first musician who gave me his vinyl records - over time I lost them, but our friendship still remained.
At that moment I did not even know and did not understand what kind of person he was. But when we met a few years later, it became clear, I saw a man with a huge heart, a soul that sings, and thoughts, that are able to change the universe.

Hello my dear! How is Lima?
Lima is wonderful, I just watched another amazing sunset from my balcony.
How did your weekend pass?
Quietly, but I’m still tired.

I just came back from London and am feeling a bit tired, by the way is it true that for the summer you are planning on coming back to London?
Yes, London can be tiring :) I will come to London with Joicey for 4 months starting in may :)

What will you do there?

I am just going to soak up the culture and learn more about different fields that interest me. Also i plan to write a script that i have been slacking on for the last year :)
I’m looking forward to music in London, there’s really no place like it. I want to enjoy some funk and reggae, and especially reading - London has great bookstores.

Tell me please about your charity project, who supported you out of the artists?

The projects are growing with time, and each one is gaining more momentum. i feel this is natural as people are waking up, consciousness is vibrating on a higher frequency now and this is reflected in all aspects of daily life. i think the latest effort for Japan REDDOTRELIEF.ORG got support from pretty much everyone in the scene- and this vibe will continue I’m sure! It’s wonderfully beautiful to see electronic artists uniting for a good cause. The 2 are not mutually exclusive :)

How much money did you gather? Tell me more about your project, how does it work?

It’s hard to tell exactly how much money we got, as the project aims to convince people to donate to a certain ngo themselves. So in a sense it’s really hard to give you an exact amount. The main goal of my projects is to motivate people into acting on their own- by doing so they become addicted to it, 1. Because its easy 2. Because it’s fun 3. Because this is what being human is about :)

Last time when we met we talked a lot about aliens? Did you see anything?

I have seen countless Ufo's in fact i don’t even feel crazy for saying it anymore. I have seen them alone, i have seen them with friends, i have seen them in our atmosphere as well as seeing ones far far far away, one i recall coming off the star of Sirius. It moved in a calculated form, with order and then retreated back to the star after about 45 minutes of movement. The universe is far too big, and once you realize consciousness is all and that existence is determined by it!

It’s hard for me to doubt the existence of intelligent life elsewhere. We don’t even fully understand the aliens in the ocean- i mean think about the possibilities!

How much do you believe in life in space and how is it connected to 2012?

2012 is a vibratory change, with vibrations comes emotions, tragedies, endings and new beginnings. i believe we are in a time of rapid evolution, everything is heading towards chaos, and its only through chaos that we will receive a new higher order - some people need the alarm to wake up.

Do i believe in life in space? Yes very much so, as i know we are made from the same exact source, the same band of consciousness- although i don’t claim to know if this is a physical manifestation, BUT i have a feeling.

Do you think we can change something and how?

I think that recognizing things you wish to change in yourself and acting on them will do nothing but help the universe for the better. It will help nurture new ideas, create more conscious global awareness and honestly i believe it’s already happening. So be conscious of the bigger picture in all senses- this will lead to an amazing magical change.

Do you have a message to the people, something that you would like to wish them?

I wish everyone freedom. I wish everyone would wake up so that we may take control of the freedom which exists, stop being slaves, and don’t be afraid to look different. i hate to quote Barnum Baily- but in this world there really IS something for everyone. Look at the bright side of that exploitative statement and in it you can find possibilities for equality.

Please can you give me your 5 top tracks of the month.

I don’t have a top 5 tracks of the month- hmm, let me try, these are songs i been listening to on my ipod this afternoon.

"good thoughts, bad thoughts" by Funkadelic
"atomic dog" george clinton
"samba pa ti" carlos santana
"jah live" bob marley
"acting crazy" tikiman


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