Женя Соболева и Дима Караваев на вечеринке Автограф Игги Поп Iggy Pop autograph

15-12-2010 Shaun Reeves and I went on a fishing trip at Big Bear Mountain near Los Angeles while our friends were spending time on LSD in the desert of Nevada for Burning Man festival.

We both had a long time to fly: About a day for me because of my flight from Moscow being delayed for 12 hours. Shaun was also flying very far from the other side of the world, Australia. The weather was the usual warm California sunshine when we arrived. The reception was even warmer.. Andrei - one member of the "Droog" techno supergroup and owner of the Culprit record label - hosted us in his beautiful villa. Also there was his super cool dog Dasha and beautiful girlfriend Jen Woodward. Andrei was born in Kiev, but he lives in LA as 10 years, so I felt almost like home, that is, in Russia. However, this did not last long, the very next day Reeves, Mr. Kingsley (old friend of Shaun) and me went to "Big Bear" Mountain/Lake, a 2-hour drive from the city of angels. I was dreaming about fishing for a long time. luckily for me my boyfriend had the same desire as me so our original idea about going to Burning Man was dead, instead we fished while our friends were on acid for a week in the desert.

 On our first 2 days there we went fishing at dusk into the night. The edge of the lake was covered in mud and rocks and we weren't prepared very well, no light and very old fishing equipment. The fish were not liking our methods and I lost count of how many hooks we lost in the slime and mud.

After this we went to the town and spent more than $200 for every bright color bait that we could find (most of them reminded me of colors people wore at 90's raves). On the third nigh with bait that had the the smell of garlic, on hooks and with a floating bobber trick we learned from a local that was fishing near us we finally caught the elusive rainbow trout, a few of them!

We should have been better prepared in the first place but during the days the guys (Shaun, Matthew, and The Kelley brothers who live on the lake during the summer) were busy playing table tennis and only wanted to fish at night. I was against this because in Temruk we do not fish so carelessly! Fishing deserves special training. Lucky for everyone on the last night we caught these fish. We caught 2 each, Shaun's was the biggest. We were very delighted to drive off to Los Angeles at daybreak with the catch. My advice is to not try to catch the biggest fish, instead try to find the smaller sweeter one.

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